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Risk Managers, AI and Data

Coupled with data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques such as Machine Learning can provide new opportunities to manage risk – with more insight and cost-efficiency than before. In essence, helping risk managers move the dial from the traditional “protect” on to “prevent” and even “predict”.

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Hitting hard - how metal price volatility is impacting manufacturers

Metals are used in a wide variety of applications in our day to day lives. An ongoing challenge for a number of companies along the supply chain including producers and distributors is managing price fluctuations.

Raw material prices are increasingly volatile since the latest financial crisis and constantly changing due to a number of factors.

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Insurance vs other hedging tools

The types of risks that worry companies the most have continuously evolved over the past 20 years, moving from the tangible sphere to the intangible. For many reasons, insurance – as a risk mitigation tool – has not followed suit, leaving 9 out 10 top global risks wholly or partially uninsurable in 2019 according to Aon’s latest Global Risk Management Survey. In this blog, we put our lens on #7 - commodity price risk. Comparing established hedging tools to a recent innovation in insurance - parametric products, we give our verdict on the pros and cons of each.

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Seeing Around Corners: Complexity, Tweets, and Trade Wars in the Future of Commodity Price Forecasting

This is why forecasting commodity prices is so challenging, confounding generations of mathematicians and economists; the sheer scale and complexity of the market is literally mind-boggling. No human could possibly forecast where prices are heading accurately.

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Rebalancing David vs. Goliath – How AI can help SMEs get Better Business Terms

Artificial Intelligence has never been less expensive or more accessible, so there is no longer any excuse for not adopting it. For once, the winners in the AI race will be the fastest, nimblest and hungriest, not the behemoths. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of AI for SMEs – as providers of services and products to others, but equally as clients in their own right.

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Declining Dinosaur to Modern Mammal – How AI is Changing Insurance

Akin to putting plasters on a dying dinosaur in the hope that it will make the animal feel better, insurers have started experimenting with Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’ in their existing day-to-day operations with focus on the core processes of distribution and claims. Menial, repetitive tasks are being digitized, but for the time being AI application is generally limited to augmenting humans.

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